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The names of the CDN-2 selection committee will be announced at the same time as the names of the artists selected to perform at CDN-2. We have taken this approach to prevent members of the committee being contacted  applicants during the selection process. The CDN-2 selection committee is a small group of contemporary dance artists from the Arab world. 

Each CDN-2 application will be assessed independently by each member of the selection committee. Artists selected to perform at CDN-2 will therefore be those applicants awarded the highest overall combined scores by the committee.
The Members Of the Selection Committee:
Mohamed Shafik
Krystel Khoury
CDN Team

Mohamed Shafik

Mr. Mohamed Abdalla Shafik is a choreographer and an artistic director, his artistic career started in the national company for folk dance on 1991, on the year 1993 he joined Modern dance Company in Cairo Opera House until 2001, he then founded “Homma” company for contemporary dance on 2002 through which he directed numerous performances and participated in various international festivals, the company won the first place in the Experimental Theatre festival based on “Etgah Egbary” performance, and through the companys collaboration with the French “Decent-Danse association" he directed numerous performances in France and other European countries.

Shafik also worked as an instructor for contemporary dance in modern dance school in the Center Of Creation for 2 year, now Shafik is working through his projects on merging the visual arts and contemporary dance.

Krystel Khoury

Krystel Khoury is a former dancer and current dance researcher. She has majored in Performing Arts (MA- University Lumière Lyon II) and Anthropology of Dance (Doctorat concluding in 2012-University Clermont-Ferrand II). Her research interests focus on dance transmission and creative process.

Looking at dance through out theory and practice, Krystel was a lecturer for 3 years at the Performing Arts Department, University of Lyon II while experimenting also video dance. One of her short films being selected at the VIII International Videodance Festival in Buenos Aires. Today, she is also invited to take part in dance conferences and international seminars.

Her experience and belief in the richness of human encounters leads her to participate as a coordinator, cultural facilitator in Arab and European collaborative projects and to be a board member and an expert for some cultural foundation. In 2009, she founded Soukoun a lebanese based cultural association and networking platform for developing dance research in the Arab countries.