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The event takes place during six consecutive evenings (September 26th till October 1st), presenting three live performances and one video-dance piece each evening, at the Falaki Theater in downtown.
Tickets: 5 LE (for reservation: 01288721446)

CDN 2013 in Cairo will be followed by a four-day-workshop held by the contributing choreographers for the benefit of the audience (October 3 till October 6)
The workshops would be a way to introduce those from the audience who were interested to meet the artists.

CDN 2013 is organized by Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary Dance Studio.
EECDS is an independent artistic organization concerned with the performing arts, particularly contemporary dance. (

“Contemporary Dance Night 2013” will support the productions of the four artists: 
  • Ibrahim Abdel Hameed
  • Raafat El Bauomy 
  • Mirette Mechail
  • Nagham Othman
However, the proposal Hazem Header  and Dalia El Abd was equally-placed with one of the above-mentioned artists in the first round of selection; thus he will be provided the space to present his “independently-produced” performance, within the events of CDN 2013 as well.

The committee members for this edition were: 
  • Reem Hegab (Egypt)
  • Dalia Naous (Lebanon)
  • Lucien Arino (France)
Many thanks for their efforts and support.

For more information about the selection committee please click here.