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Contemporary Dance Night (2)
“We’ve got MORE”
CDN-2 is continuing and developing our “Celebration of Existence and Differences” which was held on October 12th and 13th 2011 at the first “Contemporary Dance Night (1)”; it is a set of dance-shows that aim to familiarize and develop the art of contemporary dance in Egypt; the event is planned to take place 6-11 September 2012 in Cairo and 20-21 November in Alexandria with contributions from young artists of different backgrounds, styles and approaches; an attempt to expose the audience to different styles and forms of the art of Contemporary Dance.

The Second “Contemporary Dance Night” will consist of a set of dance performances and video-dances (8 live performances + 4 video-dances) for six consecutive nights in Cairo and two nights in Alexandria.


The Event is Divided into two night repeated for 3 times
Group A: 6,8,10 of September
Group B: 7,9,11 of September 

CDN is our way of fighting back; it is our way to overcome the current political crisis and to familiarize Egyptian society to the art of contemporary dance, we aim to:

  • Familiarize Egyptian society with the art of contemporary dance.
  • Extend and widen the circle of people interested in the art of contemporary dance.
  • Develop the quality of contemporary dance in Egypt through more artistic performances, events and projects which will gradually build up a higher level of consciousness and criticism.

Contemporary Dance Night 2

Cairo - September 2012