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Dance Futures Cairo

Sustainable strategies for dance development, exported from the UK to Egypt. 

Dance Futures is supported by 

British Council Egypt, European Cultural Foundation Step Beyond, Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary Dance Studio, and Cramp Group for Contemporary Dance. 

…And run by…

… Zosia Jo (, a dance artist from the UK with 8 years experience in community and professional dance. Zosia specialized in dance in education during her degree at Northern School of Contemporary Dance, and started her own company immediately after graduating. Joon Dance ( has changed the landscape of dance in West Wales and is unusual in its balance of professional and community dance. Zosia also worked as Dance Development Coordinator for community company Arts Care Gofal Celf and taught in schools for Artis Education for 2 years, where she now works as a mentor. While at Arts Care, Zosia designed and facilitated a Youth Training Scheme in community dance practice. Her choreographic work has been performed UK wide and been funded by numerous sources including Arts Council Wales and Arts and Business Partnerships. After enjoying a residency at Ezzat Ezzat Studio for Contemporary Dance Night, collaboration in the UK with Egyptian Artist Mounir Saeed, and recent production Ancient Modernity (film and performance at Townhouse Rawabet) all thanks to the British Council and Arts Council England, Zosia is keen to return to Cairo and find a way to leave a significant contribution the developing scene. 

Dance Futures involves…

Community Dance Practice 
Project Management and Fundraising
1 to 1 mentoring for full time trainees
Open classes 
Dance Futures Fund

Project runs from November 11th – December 18th 
Some sessions took place the British Council Agouza and others at Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary Dance Studio just off Faisal Street.

Full time trainees and community dance practice trainees will receive a certificate to say that they completed the training. 

The Project includes:

  • Community Dance Practice 

Fridays 9am-4pm (with a break 12pm-1pm for prayer and lunch)
November 13th – December 18th 
British Council, Agouza

Teacher training with a particular focus on: facilitating dance in the community; with children or young people; and for enjoyment. Learn how to change people’s lives through your dance practice, teach confidently with a range groups, and create long term and sustainable income for yourself through teaching and facilitation. 

  • Career Development Lectures 
Fridays 5pm-8pm 
November 13th – December 11th
British Council Garden Room 

Learn how to create a sustainable career as a dance artist. Receive lecture demonstrations, workshops and practical support on all the key issues involved in life as a freelance artist. How to write funding applications, crowd-funding, project management skills, communication, budgeting, dance history and context. Emerge ready to run your own projects and make things happen for you, your community and your career. 

November 13th – Project planning
November 20th – Budgeting
November 27th – Writing funding applications 1
December 4th – Writing funding applications 2
December 11th – Crowd-funding 

  • ChoreoLAB:

Wednesdays 5pm-10pm 
November 11th – December 9th 
Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary Dance Studio 

Starting with a professional class, for ongoing technical training. Followed by a session on choreography/ improvisation tools and techniques. Then some free studio time to work on your ideas and culminating in a sharing each session to get feedback from peers and the course leader.  

  • Open classes and workshops
Sessions for non- professional dancers from the community. To be assisted by the community dance trainees and taken over by them after the project. It is highly recommended that trainees with less dance experience also attend at least one of these sessions per week. 

Saturdays Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary Dance Studio
November 14th onwards
Kids 10.30am-11.30am (start date TBC)
Women Only 2pm – 3.30pm 
Open level 4pm-5.30pm

  • Dance Futures Fund
At the end of the course one or more of the mentees will be awarded funding for their own project. After receiving training on how to successfully apply for funding, trainees who’ve attended the whole training will be eligible to apply for funding towards, or to fund completely, a project of their own creation. Priority will be given to projects which offer a community participation element or show a commitment to development of dance in Egypt.