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- Anna Maria Suijkerbuijk

Anna Maria Suijkerbuijk Is a Dutch dancer and choreographer working in dance since 2007, after finishing her studies at the ARTEZ dance academy in Arnhem, The Netherlands. She has participated in ‘So You Think You Can Dance NL’ in 2008, where she made it to the finals. From 2008 she has been dancing in several commercial productions and has been a dancer with the dance collective ISH (Amsterdam) since 2009.
From 2010 Anna Maria Suijkerbuijk has established herself within the Dutch dance scene as a choreographer with her own vision and artistic signature. In 2012 she started her own company called “Sine Forma Dance Company”. With Sine Forma she joined the first Dutch season of ‘Everybody Dance Now’. She has also created the full length theatre show ‘The Gate’, under the wings of dance collective ISH. This show has been touring for four months throughout the Netherlands in 2013/2014.
In 2015/2016 she will create 3 theatre productions with support of the Dutch ‘Fonds Podium Kunsten’ (FPK). The FPK has honored Anna Maria Suijkerbuijk with a development funding as a encouragement for young talented choreographers.