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- Hazem Header (EG)

Hazem Header is a young Egyptian contemporary artist and dancer living in Cairo. In 2009 Hazem performed in Mirette Mechails performance "Its Not Even Tuesday" as a dancer for the first time, and thats when he realized that he wanted to be an artist and a dancer. In June of 2010 Header performed in the performance "Im not Done" which was also directed by Mirette Mechail. By the end of 2010 he had taken his first dance workshop with Karima Mansours Maat Company. Header also studied for 18 months in the CCDC Cairo Contemporary Dance Center at the Opera House. 
In 2011 Header created his own crew, "NUT", and worked on his first performance as a director: "Life as a Party" which was shown in 2012.  He then took another step in his dance career by co-working with the French dancer and choreographer Matthieu Sparma on "2 Dance Burgers Please", which was performed during the Contemporary Dance Night in 2012. In July of this year Header presented the first part of his latest project "The NUT Trilogy".