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“Seven choreographers from Egypt, USA, Canada, Holland and the UK”

By Chance Festival is the first event of its kind in Egypt. This event brings together several contemporary dance artists, from Egypt and abroad, who had been planning to present their works by chance on the same week. Although their works are produced independently from each other, these artists decided to create one event and thus perform under the same “umbrella”, which is By Chance Festival.
3rd - 8th May 
Townhouse- Rawabet Theatre 
Performances at 8pm


3rd May
  • "Herstory" by Zosia Jo, Joon Dance
  • "The Other and Me" by Mounir Saeed, Cramp Group
4th May 
  • "Monster"  by Megan Mazarick
  • "Sou Tafahom/Misunderstandings" by Zosia Jo and Mounir Saeed
5th May 
  • "The Balance" by Hossam Abd Elhameed (Sonic) 
  • "Cont;nue" by Anna Maria Suykerbuyk
  • "Monster" by Megan Mazarick
6th May
  • "BOLT" by Hazem Header / NUT Dance Company (NDC)
7th and 8th May
  • "Mine (Betay)" by Jennifer Irons, IronINC