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SEEDS- A Contemporary Dance Educational Action to Egypt



  This project is co-funded by 

         The European Union

Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary Dance Studio is hosting SEEDS- a contemporary dance educational action to Egypt.

The project is an initiative held by the Arts Center of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina working in partnership with the British Council, Egypt, with the support of the Delegation of the European Union to Egypt. It aims at fostering contemporary dance access for all by providing an extensive contemporary Dance Teachers Training added to a large dance educational activity towards the civil society, children and youth conceived as part of the practical fieldwork of the vocational skills training program SEEDS.

This practical field work is organized in collaboration with the local cultural organizations and schools associated to the action: Jesuit Cultural Centre and Oyoon Art Group Company (Al Minya-Upper Egypt), International Schools of Port Sad, Noon creative enterprise, Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary dance Studio and Darb 1718 Contemporary Art & Culture Center (Cairo), Rezodance and Studio Elmadina (Alexandria), including the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, and the British Council, Cairo. 

As an emergent and dynamic cultural operator engaged for the contemporary dance sector development in Egypt, EEDCS was chosen for hosting SEEDS Teachers Training activity within its venues in Giza from April 2014 till January 2015.

In addition, EEDCS is acting as an incubator for dance teachers following the project SEEDS by hosting the practical fieldwork throughout a Preparatory Training Program, (PTP) aiming at bringing amateur dancers to a beginner level for contemporary dance. 


From June 2014 till January 2015, PTP will deliver basic/fundamental information for contemporary dance approaches, meeting with the artistic direction established artists and will expose the participants to the production aspect of Contemporary Dance Night 2014, which will allow them to start seeking a professional dance training/career.




SEEDS project was conceived out of the necessity to support and reinforce the role of artistic education in promoting social responsibility, social cohesion, cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue (UNESCO Seoul Agenda -2010). It considers that Art Education is an essential part of the global cultural and civic education and focuses more specifically on dance education.


In todays Egypt, the increase of contemporary dance practice as a social recreational activity for children and youth and the growing awareness of its psychological and physical benefits on human development are expanding. It is shifting the function of dance from a mere entertainment to a creative educational practice. Dance enables youth to understand and perceive themselves, the other and the society they live in. By reinforcing self-esteem and trust, it develops responsible attitudes towards social wellbeing and environmental concerns. Therefore, it is a tool for youth and children to gain learning abilities in order to respond creatively to challenges of the society as future citizens.

The Egyptian contemporary dance artists have become more than ever aware of the role contemporary dance can play as a vehicle for young people to express, communicate and translate physically their emotions, ideas, identity and culture. They are aware of the human and social inputs they can transmit to others through this art form and they are willing to introduce it gradually within the educational sphere in order to contribute in fostering artistic understanding and cultural awareness.


Within this dynamic, becoming well-trained dance teachers is a key element. Those teachers will be the leaders assuming on one hand the professional development of the next generation of dancers and the ones participating actively in spreading this cultural art form and making it accessible for all.  


The project 

SEEDS will respond in the most accurate way to this need. It will provide a consistent extensive training for 21 dance teachers in Egypt, targeting dance community members combined with a large educational dance activity towards the civil society.

SEEDS will accompany and support these dancers in developing their leadership skills and education knowledge, expand their dance vocational activity and build their network of contacts within cultural field, cultural organizations and across the education sector. It will improve expertise and evaluation abilities for both dancers and cultural organizations collaborating in the project and spread dance as a regular educational activity in Egypt.


The participating dance teachers will follow 345 hours of theoretical and practical learning, conducted by dance learning teaching educators based in Europe (United Kingdom and France), and in the Arab World (Lebanon and Egypt). They will be held at Ezzat Ezzat Contemporary Dance Studio, in Giza, Cairo. The program will enable the dance teachers to sharpen their transmission skills, develop their analysis of movement and elaborate their pedagogy approach in order to adapt it to all kind of dance levels, audience and contexts and insure safe and effective dance practice. In order to achieve this goal, the participants will undertake a practical fieldwork under the supervision of a qualified tutor. They will conceive and conduct dance educational projects with and for cultural organizations, including public and/or private schools, across Egypt.


SEEDS also include the creation of the Egypt contemporary dance training website. Hosted by the performance hub Meetphool it is dedicated to gathering and sharing information about dance training opportunities in Egypt. It aims at sustaining and empowering a professional network between the Egyptian Contemporary dancers, professionals, amateurs, Egyptian dance companies, cultural operators and the education field.

 In January 2015, SEEDS will be marked by a closing certification ceremony where an international dance committee will hand participating dance teachers their certificate for having accomplished successfully the program. This event will take place at the Bibliotheca Alexandrina and will contribute to the acknowledgment of a new promotion of Egyptian contemporary dance trainers.


Contact: Bibliotheca Alexandrina Arts Center, P.0 Box 138, Chatby, Alexandria 21526, Saeed Kabeel- Theater Program Coordinator, Arts Center;  (+2)01288207035;  (+203)4839999 ext: 1966