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Preparatory Training Program (PTP)
For Contemporary Dance
PTP is a preparatory training program for Contemporary dance; is 3 hours of daily training, for six month, except for weekends and public holidays, taking place from June 2014 till January 2015.
PTP will be aiming for bring amateur dancers to a beginner level for contemporary dance, by providing the basic/fundamental information for contemporary dance approaches, meeting with the artistic direction established artists and exposer to the production aspect through Contemporary Dance Night 2014,  which will allow the participants to start seeking a professional dance training/career
The teachers of PTP are the participants of SEEDS training of trainers program, which is an extensive training program, led by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina in partnership with the British council Egypt, supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Egypt.
Each participant will go through, also will have a chance to participate in the auditions/productions of Contemporary Dance Night 2014 (CDN-2014).
14 Participants will be selected for the PTP, through an audition/workshop that will take place during the Friday and Saturday for 30th and 31 of May from 6PM till 10 PM, all applicants should be available during the full four hours for the two days audition.  The program fee - for each participant - is 1500 LE, covering the whole training program. With a possibility of a scholarship for the exceptional talents and financial shortage 
  • Ezzat Ismail
  • Jennifer Irons
  • Mona Gamil
  • Mohamed Fouad
  • Hossam Abd El-Hammed
  • Magdoline Nader
  • Nagham Salah Othman
  • Mounir Saeed
The program will be covering an introduction for:
  • Anatomy/Body Awareness                - Improvisation
  • Space/ time awareness                    - Coordination, musicality, composition
  • Partnering/contact/Lifts                    - Floor work/Jumps/Fall/Gravity
  • Spiral, Flow and Organic Movement    - Qualities (Speed+ grounding + energy)
  • Ballet classic/fitness for Contemporary Dance

For more information please contact the administration manager:
Hossam Abd El-Hameed
Tel: 01121933391