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EECDS, CDN-2014 and its partners are glad to announce 

Contemporary Dance Night 2014.

“Contemporary Dance Night 2014” supported the productions of the six artists:

  • Dalia El Abd (Egypt)
  • Shaymaa Shoukry (Egypt)
  • Mounir Saeed (Egypt)
  • Megan Mazarick (United States of America)
  • Anna Maria (Netherlands)
  • Zosia Jo Dowmunt (United Kingdom)
For More information about the Choreographers and their projects please click here

The committee members for this edition were from Egypt:
  • Hassan El Garatly
  • Reem Hegab
  • Laila Soliman
Many thanks for their efforts and support.

For more information about the selection committee please click here.

CDN-2014 production and residencies took place during October and November 2014, presenting the artists creations (6 live and 2 video) through six consecutive evenings in Cairo, two in Alexandria between 20th of November and the 9th of December 2014.

After each presentation in the two cities of Egypt workshops has been held by the contributing choreographers for the benefit of the audience. The workshops was a way to introduce those from the audience who were interested to meet the artists.

For CDN 2014 program... click here